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GPS-Connector app documentation and manual.
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GNSS Status Page

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GPS Connector - GNSS Status

On the status page the app shows data from the NMEA RMC String (Navigation: location, velocity, bearing) and the NMEA GGA String (Status: quality, location, orthometric height). You can configure the display units for velocity (mph or km/h) and the WGS84 coordinate (latitude and longitude) per app settings.

Additionally the gps-quality is shown as icon in the status bar and thus always visible, even if the GPS-Connector app is in background.
Valid data values for gps-quality are:
  • INV no position, invalid
  • GPS GPS fix, autonomous (no correction)
  • D-GPS Differential GPS fix (correction per SBAS: WAAS, EGNOS, etc.)
  • RTK Real Time Kinematic fix (highest accuracy - correction per RTCM)
  • FLOAT Real Time Kinematic float (high accuracy - correction per RTCM)
The data from GST string is used to display the accuracy values. (xy:horizontal and z:altitude) If your external device doesn't output GST strings you can't see any accuracy values here. The bearing or course angle is defined as "true north" value. (0° = north, clockwise rotation)

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